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CityGrid® is the largest content and ad network for local developers. Featuring content for more than 18 million US businesses - CityGrid® helps publishers monetize their site by giving their users a richer experience.

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Get Content

Create Places pages from our 18MM+ businsess listings. Feature a variety of content, including Offers and Reviews.
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Set Up Search

Implement our search functionality to power your local search experience on web or mobile.

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Get Paid

Any time a user engages with the content on your profile pages, you make money.*
* Requires approval to participate in the Places that Pay program with our Places API. Applies to content from CityGrid Media paying advertiser profile pages only.
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Drive More Traffic

Our contextually-targeted units drive traffic to your revenue-generating Places pages so you can keep visitors on your site and help put more money in your pocket.
What Publishers Are Saying
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"Implementing the CityGrid network APIs on was one of the best business decisions we ever made."

Manoli Kalamotousakis, Partner, Media LLC
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"With CityGrid Media, we monetize our audience more efficiently than with other advertising networks, and offer our users more enhanced content which they can use to plan their buying decisions"

Michael Borras, Co-founder & CEO,

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